Introducing Smart City

ONE mobile application to allow citizens to
engage all service providers in the city

Smart City's Vision

Smart.City is a mobile application, and web portal, which allows citizens and visitors to engage all of the city services from one application.

Citizens and visitors can log issues and request services from the municipality, such as electricity, water, gas, or private organization, such as Vodacom & DSTV

Citizens and visitors will also be able to request paying services from the ‘Man in a Van’, such as plumbers, electricians, pool repairs, handyman, etc.

Citizens and visitors will also be able to search and book activities in the city, such as a visit to the Zoo or a show

Connecting Citizens To The City With One Application

My Smart City Screenshots

The citizen mobile app will allow the user the following features

Log any issue with the city: Electricity, water, etc.
Enquire on the status of any issue with the city
Request any service from the city, e.g. install a prepaid meter
Log any issue with private service providers, like DSTV.
Enquire on the status of any issue logged with a private service provider
Request any service from private service providers, such as an plumber or baby sitter
Log any emergency or disaster, such as fire or ambulance
Enquire on activities in the city, such as shows or attractions

Engage Your City And Stay Informed

Value to the Customer

• One app to log all city related services: Electricity, Water, Roads, etc.
• One app to request all private services: Telkom, Vodacom, Man in a Van (Plumber, etc.)
• One app to log emergencies: Ambulance, Police, Fire
• One app to get all activities in the city: Shows, events, attractions
• One app that provides all relevant alerts: Outages (Water & Electricity), etc.

Value to the City

• Improve customer service
• Improved turnaround time and customer service
• Consolidation of requests = cost savings
• Notification to customers, the customer will receive the notifications that they want
• Rating of their sub-contractors, 5 start rating on the client’s application
• Sub-contractor payment management
• Marketing of the city
• Job creation opportunity (jobbing economy)
• Improved tourism

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